Robby Hayes bombs on 1st 1 on 1 with Raven Gates

Robby Hayes bombs on 1st 1 on 1 with Raven Gates

Twenty-eight-year-old Robby Hayes came to paradise on a mission Bachelor Nation! He is here, first and foremost, to show America that he has taken style to a whole new level since his stint on Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. Robby is on the cutting edge. He is bringing the ‘X-factor’ this season in a serious way.

Robby greets Chris Harrison hinting that he has been on a hiatus from Bachelor Nation…trying to heal privately. But he has healed and he is ready to appear on national television to ……. gain Instagram followers, I mean to find love.

Ok, we can not start without addressing Robby’s hair. Oh my God! The swoop! the pump and the swoop — its more of a sweep around, a comb over for men with hair — a comb over with a pump and a wing cemented in to place. There are feathers. There are fades.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

The women of paradise are impressed with his hair styling skills, the men are envious. Robby’s hair sort of defies the laws of physics and gravity. The precision–the deliberate, and deep part on the left–the rightward sweep.

This sort of hair style is for professionals only and should not be tried at home. We haven’t seen hair with this much charisma since Dreamboat Jef Holm starred on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette.

It says Robby’s a trailblazer–a style pioneer. So with his style credentials firmly established, Robby begins his search for love.

And he has clearly done his homework and is looking for a girl with the same je ne sais quoi, a girl who can be the other half of this new well-coiffed Bachelor Nation power couple. Someone with social media ‘influence’ and most importanly someone whose first two initials will pair well with “R-o”. Naturally he has his sights set on Nick Viall’s runner up Raven Gates to set ‘Ro-Ra’ in to motion.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

So he approaches her as if she’s been dreaming of this moment her entire life. This game is his to lose…

And he loses it….badly.

Apparently while out on Sea doos Robby talks to Raven about how he is an ‘influence’ on social media, which is all anyone should need to hear. Anyhow, this revelation harkens back to Jade Roper’s claims that Robby had contacted her and her husband Tanner Tolbert and offered to pay them to promote him on social media.

Is he using social media to try and influence young men to do the pump and swoop? or to wear eye shadow and eye liner? Yes Robby was wearing makeup! And not in a cool, Goth, emo sort of way, in an ‘I’m prettier than any of you girls’ kind of way.

Sadly, this excessive grooming sort of backfires. Raven is disgusted rather than dazzled. Robby is too sculpted, too primped, too plastic and too full of himself to be taken seriously.

Ironically the pretty sauce and self promotion send Raven in to the arms of Ben Zorn who I thought was DOA after his tedious diatribe on his love of dogs and all of the dogs in his life, but her time with Robby made Zorn look downright charming!

The Robby show was painful to watch! And obviously Raven is about to cut him loose. At which time Robby will move on to the next best thing in his mind, Amanda Stanton. And let Ro-Am begin!

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