Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 1

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 1

Name: Brittany M

Age: 27


Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Occupation: Humanitarian/Pageant Queen
“Humanitarian and pageant queen Brittany is always poised and perfectly together,” say producers. “But don’t let the pageant smile fool you, Brittany loves a bit of drama. She’s bringing everything to the table – ‘mind, body and soul’ – in hopes of winning the Bachelor’s heart.”

Name: Catie

Age: 29


Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Lawyer/Meditation Coach
“Catie started meditating as an articling student, and it changed her life,” say producers. “The lawyer and mediation coach has spent a lot of time ‘figuring herself out’ – all she needs now is someone who can truly appreciate all she has to offer. Catie is hoping that her optimism and enthusiasm for life will set her apart and catch the Bachelor’s attention.”

Name: Dee

Age: 32


Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario
Occupation: Spray Tan Business Owner
“Dee is a spray-tan business owner and a self-proclaimed ‘princess tomboy’ who loves to ride and race dirt bikes,” say producers. “Her daughter means more to her than anything in the world, and she’s hoping to meet a funny, considerate, and kind-hearted man to help make their lives complete.”

Name: Jessie

Age: 25


Hometown: Emo, Ontario
Occupation: Youth Care Practitioner
“This reformed rebel has a cause!” say producers. “Jessie was once kicked out of her parents’ house for being too rebellious, but has since turned her life around and now counts her family as her biggest support system. Today, she has her master’s degree and is dedicated to helping at-risk youth. Jessie has come a long way and she’s hoping the Bachelor will join her for the rest of the ride!”

Name: Kait

Age: 29


Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia
Occupation: Luxury Travel Nomad
“Kait is a self-proclaimed ‘luxury travel nomad,’ with a jet-setting lifestyle and a recently broken heart,” say producers. “After spending the last five years globetrotting, Kait has returned to Canada to start a new chapter. She’s looking for a man she can trust… could the Bachelor be her next travel companion?”

Here’s a sneak peak!!

Season 3 of Bachelor Canada airs Wednesday, October 11 on W Network.

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