Nick Viall actually does find love on the 2017 Bachelor

Alright, we are 3 weeks away from The Bachelor premiere and ABC has begun leaking some details about the 2017 season. In a recent conference call 36-year-old Bachelor Nick Viall spoke to reporters about what to expect on the upcoming season which airs Jan. 2 on ABC. Perhaps the most surprising nugget of all from Nick is … Read more

Nick Viall will be blindsided by an ex on night one

So the premiere will be interesting if for no other reason than one of these women already “knows” Nick—in the biblical sense. So I guess I wouldn’t exactly call her an ex, but what do you call a girl that you hooked up with at your friend’s wedding? So 29-year-old Elizabeth Sandoz of Las Vegas Nevada … Read more

The rest of Nick Viall’s girls released

Today ABC OFFICIALLY released Nick Viall’s contestants. Many names were already floating around thanks to a certain Bachelor Spoiler, and the remaining—- most we actually got on our “maybe list” published back in October including: Astrid Loch, Alexis Waters, Angela Amezcua, Ida Marie, Briana Guertler, Dominique Alexis, Hailey Merkt, and Sarah Vendal. –so alright! I love beating Reality Steve! So with no further … Read more

Who is Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios?

Who is Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios? Corinne Olympios will be a contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and it sounds like she is going to be quite a situation. ABC says this about night one, “Once inside, things heat up between Nick and the women and the race for the first impression rose … Read more

Brittany Farrar to star on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor — WHAAT?!!

Brittany Farrar to star on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor — WHAAT?!!, WHAAT?!!, WHAAT?!! Remember the name Brittany Farrar? Of course you do. That is the name of Jordan Rodgers ex girlfriend—the same ex girlfriend that blasted Jordan mercilessly on social media for cheating on girls calling him a “prolific liar”. Well she is starring as a … Read more

Nick Viall is the 2017 Bachelor!

WHAT?! Nick Viall is the 2017 Bachelor! I just returned from Burning Man in the Black Rock desert. Why is this important? Because during my 12 years attending the festival I have always come home to the strangest news. This time I have returned to the shocking news that Nick Viall has been chosen to … Read more