Are Ryan Putz and Michelle Kujawa still together?

Monday night on The Bachelor in Paradise we had an unprecedented situation take place. A contestant on the show FINALLY fell in love with the boom mic operator! That contestant was 30-year-old Michelle Kujawa who made a connection with sound guy Ryan Putz. The two apparently started hitting it off while they were staying in another … Read more

Who is Bachelor in Paradise crew member Ryan Putz?

So tonight on The Bachelor in Paradise thanks to Unsolved Mysteries host Chris Harrison we got to the bottom of the mystery about who 30-year-old Michelle Kujawa found a connection with. Tulum Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula must be a really romantic place because even the crew on The BIP falls in love and now we know his … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2 Recap

Well the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise was pretty epic and left us on a serious cliff hanger–wondering who in the world Michelle K hooked up with that prompted the whole production crew to bang on her hotel room door and demand she answer some questions from host Chris Harrison? And how, for the love of God, … Read more

Who did Michelle Kujawa hook up with on Bachelor in Paradise? SPOILER ALERT

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t go any further if you do not want to know! So 30-year-old Michelle Kujawa is quite a situation tonight on The Bachelor in Paradise despite her miniscule air time. So ABC sends this gaggle of past Bachelor/ette contestants to the romantic city of Tulum Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula along the Caribbean Sea … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise Premieres and the situations begin!

Tonight on the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise fourteen ex cast-members of The Bachelor/Bachelorette head to the Yucatan and the small town of Tulum, Mexico to find LOVE! And the situations BEGIN! Legs are being thrown in late night ocean dips, love triangles emerge, a Mexican raccoon becomes a shoulder to cry on for Clare, legs are even broken! … Read more