Eric Bigger brings his mommy issues on his Bachelorette one-on-one

One hallmark of The Bachelor Bachelorette show is the one-on-one overshare aka the 1-o-1 O.  And this season the award for best  one-on-one overshare goes to 29-year-old Eric Bigger for bringing some serious mommy issues on his first serious date with Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. In Rachel’s People blog she recounts the date, “As soon as we got into Copenhagen, … Read more

Bachelorette episode 3: Are we circling the drain?

Bachelorette episode 3: Are we circling the drain? Ok ABC, here’s the situation…I consider myself an expert of sorts on The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I have been a dedicated fan from day one ever since Alex Michel handed out his first rose. So I am here to warn you that this season is circling the drain. You … Read more

Eric Bigger — Bachelor 2017 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Eric Bigger — Bachelor 2017 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki Age: 29 Name: Eric Bigger Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, originally from Baltimore, Maryland Occupation: Motivational speaker, model and author. Wrote a book called the “100 Days of Wisdom.” Education: Hampton University Magna Cum Laude in 2010. Height: 6′ 2″ Weight: 190 lbs Birthday: TBA Tattoos: None From his Model Mayhem page: “My name is Eric … Read more

Rachel Lindsay contestant list part 1

Ok so we have our first ever African-American Bachelorette, 31-year-old Dallas, Texas attorney, Rachel Lindsay, and as you can imagine this season will be chock full of chocolate. And let’s be honest, I think the white dudes are just window dressing to make the contestant pool look ‘diverse’. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell Rachel … Read more