Chelsie Webster Bachelor 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Chelsie Webster Bachelor 2014 Click here to view the rest of the Bachelor 2014 contestants! Chelsie Webster Bio return to Bio’s Age: 24 Occupation: Science Educator, Works at COSI(Center for Science and Industry) in Columbus Hometown: Lexington, OH Height: 5’3″ Tattoos: None Favorite Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker Favorite Author: J.K. Rowling, Kristin Hannah Favorite Snacks: Fruit. Cheese. … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Monica Spannbauer [Bio, Photos, Videos, Twitter]

The Basics: Name: Monica Spannbauer Age: 33 Occupation: Dental Consultant Hometown: Yuba City, CA Monica Spannbauer on Twitter: @mocali22 Monica Spannbauer is the amazing lady on Ben Flajnik’s season 16 of The Bachelor that is behind the GAY SCANDAL reports. We here at Ok! Here is the Situation love a scandal. And we especially love … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Nicki Sterling [Bio, Photos, Twitter]

The Basics: Name: Nicki Sterling Age: 26 Occupation: Dental Hygienist Hometown: Hurst, TX Nicki Sterling on Twitter: @nickis_rdh Why oh why do you have your tank fairly tautly tucked, Nicki?? UNTUCK!! Let loose. Feel the breeze. ABC’s Official Amazing Lady Questions: What are your 3 best attributes? 1. Ability to make people feel comfortable 2. … Read more