I almost gassed myself because I love ‘The Bachelor’

As you may or may not know by now, we here at Ok! Here is the Situation love discussing two things: The Bachelor and global situations. And when we started the site, that’s all we were going to report on. But, we quickly realized that some of the biggest situations of all happening in the world were actually… We (me, Penny Farthing, the author of this post, and C Lo, my partner in situational crime) are complete and total situations. Case in point: I almost gassed myself because I love The Bachelor!



Propane burner with bunsen flame.
Propane burner with bunsen flame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, here’s the situation: Yesterday, around midday, I decided I wanted to make New Orleans-styled red beans and rice for dinner. We had a package of dried red beans that I could use, but since I hadn’t already soaked them overnight to prepare them for the day’s meal, I opted to try the “express soak” option, which requires you to bring them to a boil for two minutes, turn off the burner and then let them sit in the heated water for one hour.



So – I put the beans in a pot of water, turned the gas burner on high….and went into my office to work on Bachelor articles for Ok! Here is the Situation. Because of my devout attention to all things Bachelor, however, I failed to realize that the water had since come to a boil, boiled over, doused the burner’s gas flame and was spewing gas (set on high) into the house for as long as it took to reach my nostrils in our back office (again, no real concept of time to factually report here because all of my senses take off to another plane of reality when it comes to researching Bachelor-related situations).



Red Beans and Rice
Red Beans and Rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, when I started to smell the gas, I ran into the kitchen, took the pot off the stove, re-lit the stove pilot, opened as many windows in the house as possible, grabbed my dogs and ran outside to breathe in some fresh air. Whew!!



After awhile, I headed back into the house and the air smelled much less “gassy,” so I put the beans back on the stove, re-lit the burner on high and went back into my office to return to work on Ok! Here is the Situation, with, again, the full intention of returning to the kitchen after two minutes time to turn off the burner. But….yep. I did it again. I again lost all sense of time, space and reality and again almost gassed myself and again had to remove the pot from the stove and again had to open the windows and again ran outside with the dogs.



I am not proud of this. I am not a spacey person. But what I do know is I have a semi-unhealthly obsession with The Bachelor and with following global situations………which ends up making me a situation that is potentially more disastrous than any of the situations we cover on this site!



To be honest, my main distraction throughout this particular situation was Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s blossoming relationship with Courtney Robertson. During this past Monday’s episode of The Bachelor: Season 16, Ben went on a one-on-one date with Courtney and the sparks were really flying for him, but in an obviously doomed way… and I really want Ben to find love! There are so many situations going on this season. And one of the biggest that Ok! Here is the Situation’s very own C Lo uncovered is the fact that Ben’s leading lady, Courtney, actually dumped her long-time boyfriend to go on the show in an attempt to make him jealous (retribution for his recent indiscretions). It’s a SITUATION, people!!!






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