Jax Taxlor’s new girlfriend Carmen consoles Kristen on season finale of Vanderpump Rules

So a lot happened last night on Vanderpump Rules season finale. Kristen’s sexual encounters with Jax were finally exposed. Jax was punched by Tom. Kristen cries, AND a certain someone made a cameo who will become VERY important next season and you may have missed it.

Kristen cried to Stassi Schroeder, “I can’t look you in the eye because I f—king lied to your face… Yes, I did have sex with him one time.. and I’m really sorry.”

Tom Sandoval FINALLY came out of denial and realized Kristen had been lying to him. Jax said if Tom “just satisfied his girlfriend, he’d have nothing to worry about”-ouch!

Tom exploded on Jax saying:

“You don’t ever, like, feel anything. It’s nuts,” said Sandoval. “You ever feel this?!” he said as he punched Jax.

Carmen Dickman Source: Facebook
Carmen Dickman
Source: Facebook

But we had a special cameo last night by someone who will become important next season. A certain “hot blonde” was consoling Kristen Doute. That was Jax’ new girlfriend who is rumored to be replacing Stassi. Her name is Carmen Dickman.

Our source just informed us:

“I just wanted you to know that Jax’s new girlfriend Carmen is hanging out with Kristen now and they are saying they love each other on Twitter. Carmen was the one who was consoling Kristen last night when the finale aired!!”

‘Jax has a thing about always having a girlfriend around the holidays, he did the same thing last year to Isabel Arujo. In January, after the holidays he breaks up with them. However, Carmen reminds him so much of Stassi that he may not break ties with her anytime soon.’

So if Jax can make this relationship last you can be sure Carmen will be on the cast of Vanderpump Rules season 3. We will see if Jax can keep this girl around for a few months.

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2 thoughts on “Jax Taxlor’s new girlfriend Carmen consoles Kristen on season finale of Vanderpump Rules”

  1. Please, can someone tell me where to look for that alleged cameo? I have been watching the finale episode over and over and cannot find any scene with anyone consoling Kristen whatsoever… So where do I find that scene?

  2. Talk about desperate. This Carmen chick is looking to get in on the crazy train by sleeping with Jax. Ew. She looks cute with a face full of makeup though.


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