Vanderpump Rules season 3 premiere recap

Bravo’s break-out hit Vanderpump Rules premiered it’s 3rd season tonight episode 1 “Instafight” and they did not waste anytime getting the situations started. I have to admit I was worried about this season since it seemed like everything had played out in season 2. I was worried the season would feel produced and scripted. But so far, so good!

Right out of the gate we learn that Kristen Doute has been stalking some girl on Instagram (even though she is totally over Tom) who claims to have had ‘period-sex’ with Tom Sandoval in Miami — 24-year-old New York-based receptionist Annemarie Kunkel. She actually claimed that Tom hit on her and she told him that she was on her period and Tom told her to ‘prove it’. Kristen feels confident that she has enough evidence to convict Tom in the court of public opinion–aka SUR.

Although as a side note Kristen admits that she learned about the cheating story from Jax on Watch What happens Live.

But Kristen makes us wait a bit before she gives us the whole story.

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Meanwhile Stassi Schroeder returns from New York after 6 months allegedly because her boyfriend 35-year-old Patrick Meagher is moving back to LA for work, but that is pretty tough to swallow considering we knew how panicked producers were about losing Stassi. I think it’s a lot more likely that producers offered Stassi a pile of cash to come back and stir things up and made up the part about Patrick coming to LA for work.

Jax Taylor is doing push-ups and getting ready to have a nose job–although I think he should for sure wait until after the finale considering he is bound to be punched in the face again. (My guess is if you get the surgery on camera Bravo pays the tab).

Scheana Marie shows us her new tattoo — ‘it’s all happening’, a quote from the movie Almost Famous, and is in a really good mood because she knows the season will feature her nuptials (but hopefully no more singles) and her perfect birthday party. She contends that Stassi was the cause of all of the problems last season (hmmm something tells me that Stassi will not be invited to Scheana’s wedding). And she insists on inviting Kristen and her new boyfriend 22-year-old James Kennedy to her birthday party and that it can’t possibly cause any drama sans Stassi. (Kristen just turned 31 by the way, so we do have a bit of an age difference.)

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix look really happy together, but little do they realize that Kristen is lurking in the background and looking to cause trouble for the two.

Scheana tells Ariana in private what Kristen had said, but Ariana doesn’t seemed phased—contending her and Tom are ridiculously honest with each other and the woman in Miami is lying. Here is what Scheana said in case you missed it.

Stassi meets with Lisa Vanderpump to discuss her sudden departure to NYC and to hint at getting her job back. I’m sure none of this was discussed off screen!

Stassi plans an outing on the same night of Scheana’s birthday party and starts taking photos and posting to Instagram and Scheana’s B-Day crew (Tom, Ariana, Kristen, James, Jax, Carmen, etc) responds by posting their own photos. Obviously, we have a bit of Bravo production here but that’s Ok. We can’t blame them.

We are introduced to Jax new girlfriend 23-year-old model Carmen Dickman. Jax claims he is dating 2 girls but ‘they both know about each other’. But that’s not what our source told us last January! Our insider claimed that Tiffany had no idea that Jax was dating Carmen. Apparently Jax forgot to tell her that they were no longer exclusive.

We only hear about 2 words from Carmen–just that she is taking classes. Carmen s a law student.

The episode ends with a big bang as Tom Sandoval confronts Kristen about Miami girl. And him and James Kennedy get into a fist fight. So, really, it’s just like last season….just a few new faces.

Previews for next week show Tom Sandoval crying and apologizing for something.

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