Situation: My 24-hour lock-down from Facebook for “overuse of public comments”

Image via Wikipedia So last night I was watching the Republican primary debate on CNN and I became consumed with the situation of how the media wasn’t treating Ron Paul as a legitimate candidate. I will offer my disclaimer here: I do like Ron Paul but I don’t want to politicize Ok! Here is the Situation or … Read more

Just Confirmed: Emily Maynard is the new Bachelorette

So word on the street is that ABC has chosen their next Bachelorette and it’s the winner of Brad Womack’s season, Emily Maynard. Ever since Brad Womack famously dumped two ladies in one of the most shocking season finales of all time, ABC has stayed true to their revised Bachelor formula of turning a prior … Read more

‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison’s most Emmy-worthy moments

Here is a collection of examples of Chris Harrison navigating, negotiating and counseling some of the most uncomfortable situations in reality history. Case Study #1: Chris Harrison counseling Ashley Hebert through a very unhealthy obsession with Bentley Williams during her season as the Bachelorette. Chris is soooo good! Notice how he handles the situation with extreme … Read more

‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 4: “Don’t poke the bear”

Tonight, Courtney not only continued to channel Mr. Charlie Sheen with all of her “winning” comments, she also threw in a Brad Womack throw-back when she said: “Don’t poke the bear.” She is displaying some serious alpha male characteristics (when needed) and then tossing in a few alpha female manipulative tactics when that’s more beneficial. … Read more

Vote now: Weigh in on ‘The Bachelor’s’ Courtney Robertson

              more on Courtney Robertson: Situation: ‘Bachelor’ villain Courtney Robertson has a sex tape? ‘Bachelor’ villain Courtney Robertson: It may be worse than we think ‘Bachelor’ model Courtney Robertson can’t keep her clothes on! Did Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson have sex during or after the skinny dip? Does … Read more

‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 3: “A very uncomfortable situation”

As we discussed in ‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 3: Your faves weigh in, the theme of episode 3 was summed up in the quote “This is a very uncomfortable situation.” Now we covered many of the uncomfortable situations in that post, but there were so many uncomfortable situations a follow-up post was in order. Uncomfortable Situation … Read more

Lobbyists hired by Obama after he promised no lobbyist would work for him

I can’t believe it is election time again! The mood seems much more somber this time around. Perhaps because voters are not excited about either candidate. Obama really did a number on Americans by breaking some really big promises after running on a campaign of “Hope and Change”. There are obviously numerous examples of how … Read more