Lobbyists hired by Obama after he promised no lobbyist would work for him

I can’t believe it is election time again! The mood seems much more somber this time around. Perhaps because voters are not excited about either candidate. Obama really did a number on Americans by breaking some really big promises after running on a campaign of “Hope and Change”. There are obviously numerous examples of how … Read more

Situation: SOPA and PIPA and the end of the internet as we know it

Today was an important day in the fight to protect the freedom of speech that the internet has brought not only to this country, but to the world. The controversial Bills SOPA and PIPA would have ended the internet as we know it. But don’t start celebrating just yet. There is still a ways to go. Thanks … Read more

Model Courtney Robertson outed on Cheaterville by ex-boyfriend

Apparently, someone is so outraged that Courtney Robertson is doing The Bachelor they outed her as a cheater on The post is by photographerinla:23 and is titled “Courtney Robertson from the Bachelor is a lying cheater!” We just did a break-down on the one-on-one Monday night between Bachelor Ben and Courtney. We were certain she was … Read more

Vote now! Weigh in on political figures, political situations and the media

In my experience most polls do not ask questions that people really want to weigh in on or they do not provide the answers that reflect how people feel. They are worded to support the current left/right paradigm and leave out any other possiblity. And certainly the media does not seem to be accurately reflecting back … Read more

‘The Bachelor Season 16′ episode 2: A fresh pad in Sonoma

OK, so there were clearly a lot of situations last night on The Bachelor, but the situation I am most obsessed with is the new pad!!! Maybe I am a bit more sensitive than most people and notice architectural details because my background and education are in architecture, but I gotta say I was a … Read more

Courtney Robertson’s ‘Bachelor’ episode 2 one-on-one date: What is she hiding?

Last night Courtney was in rare form portraying the quintessential, classic, egotistical, b!tchy LA model that Bachelor viewers love so much. “I would like a one-on-one date. It would be like a shot in the arm that I could use right now,” she tells the interviewer, even quoting Charlie Sheen’s famous line “winning.” Fan favorite and … Read more

‘Bachelor 16’ Courtney Robertson’s Enneagram personality breakdown

Tonight we got a little more insight into amazing lady and professional model Courtney Robertson. We here at OK! Here is the Situation love doing a personality breakdown and we love employing the enneagram to analyze personalities. The enneagram is an ancient tool that dates back to the beginning of civilization and the ancient Sufis. … Read more

Courtney Robertson’s thoughts on Ben Flajnik before the show

I discovered this Access Hollywood video done just prior to the taping of the show with Bachelor lady Courtney Robertson dishing on why she is doing the show. I love that the interviewer inquires about behind-the-scenes details like What do they tell you to bring for the show? I’m always curious how the ladies know … Read more

Our favorite Chris Harrison poses and hand gestures

It’s no secret that we LOVE Chris Harrison! Chris is a consummate situation professional. In fact there are not enough words in the English language to describe why Chris Harrison is SO amazing, but the following is a collection of Chris Harrison situation poses and postures that reveal why we love him so much! In fact each of these postures … Read more

Bachelor amazing lady alumni extend their 15 minutes of fame

Here is a collection of great amazing lady Bachelor alumni. Both Trista Sutter and Melissa Rycroft extended their 15 minutes of fame on Dancing with the Stars. Interior decorator Jillian Harris has been all over home makeover and style shows weighing in with her design expertise. And as we know Vienna has turned her 15 minutes of fame into at … Read more