Bachelor Sean Lowe’s ladies: Ashlee Frazier [Bio, Photos, Twitter]

The Basics: Name: Ashlee Frazier Age: 32? Occupation: Personal Organizer for Love it! Organized Hometown: Houston, TX Twitter account: @ashleefrazier ABC’s Official Amazing Lady Questions: If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why? Adele, I want to hear her story behind her music.  Then I’d have her sing to me … Read more

ALERT: The Bachelor Season 17 has begun filming!

Sean Lowe Bachelorette shirtless

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss tweeted this morning that the “Bachelor 2013” (aka The Bachelor Season 17)has begun filming! Started shooting Bachelor 2013 this morning… We definitely picked a great guy!!! — Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) September 20, 2012 Bachelor producers love to tease us fans because they know we are on pins and needles awaiting their … Read more

Show insiders confirm Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor

sean lowe bachelorette

A production insider from the Bachelor confirmed that Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor. According to E! News a source claims “Sean is our choice.”E! News, unlike Reality Steve,  is ABC approved for Bachelor press so their confirmation is noteworthy. The show officially begins filming in 10 days, but we know per Reality Steve’s tweet yesterday that … Read more

Sean Lowe Bachelor Watch: Producers are at Sean’s house right now!

Sean Lowe Bachelor Watch 2013 Alert! Today Reality Steve announced that producers are currently at Sean Lowe’s parents house shooting for the 2013 Bachelor. Steve tweeted, “I can confirm that producers are currently at Sean’s parents house shooting his intro video. Safe to say Sean is the next Bachelor.” We are still waiting for the official ABC … Read more

Sean Lowe helps charities

New Bachelor Sean Lowe really is too good to be true. The 28-year-old Insurance Agent, Personal Trainer/Fitness model from Dallas Texas, has partnered up his best friend, Clay Silver, and Silver’s sister, Jessie, to create “The Factory Girl” (The  The business began by handling women’s handbags, but now do custom-painted furniture. The charity raises … Read more

Why I am 98% sure Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor

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I teased the fact that I am 98% sure Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor on Twitter yesterday, but was too tired to jam this post out last night. So, here you go. In this post you will find all of the evidence I’ve gathered to form my “Sean Lowe next Bachelor” opinion. First of … Read more