Lace Morris hanging out with Grant Kemp’s ex girlfriend Jen Green

Bachelor Nation star Grant Kemp must be getting a little nervous with his burgeoning trove of exes finding one another in the real world and comparing notes! By the way this seems to happen a lot with Bachelor Nation contestants. Anyhow Grant’s latest ex, Lace Morris has found Grant’s previous ex — the girl he was … Read more

Allegations of steroid abuse and cheating leveled against Grant Kemp

Wow! Who knew we could have so many cheating and steroid allegations on one season of The Bachelorette. First the guys were accusing Chad Johnson of juicing, now an ex girlfriend is accusing Grant Kemp of selling steroids!….among other things. Last Monday night Grant told a story about losing his virginity as a teenager. And … Read more

Who is the ex girlfriend that Grant Kemp broke up with to appear on The Bachelorette?

Aside from the amazing antics of Chad Johnson, the real drama this season of The Bachelorette appears to be what is happening offscreen. In fact season 12 of the show may break the record for the most jackasses on any one season of the show. Turns out 3 of the men competing for a life-long … Read more

Ex girlfriend drama for Jordan Rodgers, Grant Kemp and Robby Hayes on Bachelorette

Ex girlfriend drama on The Bachelorette abounds on season 12 of the show!!! Previews for the season show an ex girlfriend situation going down with contestant Robby Hayes, but there are more. I don’t know if this season will get into the ex girlfriend situations swirling around contestants Jordan Rodgers and Grant Kemp, but they are … Read more

Allegations Bachelorette contestant Grant Kemp had a girlfriend when he left for the show

Season 12 of The Bachelorette is shaping up to be an EPIC train wreck! I mean EPIC!! Man o’ man. What is going on with the vetting process at ABC? It felt kind of rushed to me and we already knew that two of the young men vying for Jojo Fletcher’s heart, Jordan Rodgers and … Read more

Grant Kemp – Bachelorette 2016 — Bio, Wiki, Photos, Twitter

Grant Kemp – Bachelorette 2016 — Bio, Wiki, Photos, Twitter Name: Grant Kemp Show: Bachelorette 2016 Age: 27 Birthday: TBA Zodiac: TBA Hometown: San Francisco, California Occupation: Firefighter at Hayward Fire Department Height: 6′ 2″ Weight: 183 lbs Education: NCTI, El Camino College A.S; Finishing A.S, Fire Technology High School: TBA Mother: Father: Chris Harrison says Grant is one of five guys to watch this season. “He’s a … Read more