‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 4: Your faves weigh in

Our big thematic take-away from this week’s episode of The Bachelor was: “Don’t poke the bear,” a quote from this season’s villain, Courtney Robertson. What we learned is if you poke Courtney, she will not only poke back, she’ll also want to “rip your head off” and/or “verbally assault you” (not to be confused with … Read more

‘The Bachelor’s’ Monica Spannbauer’s mom jailed for assault with a pepper grinder

This has to be one of the most amazing extra Bachelor videos I have ever seen. It really brings awkward to an entirely new level. And I love how Ben is just trying to roll with the punches as Monica Spannbauer goes on and on with the “over-share.” A-mazing! I mean…I have had plenty of … Read more