‘The Bachelor Season 16′ episode 2: A fresh pad in Sonoma

OK, so there were clearly a lot of situations last night on The Bachelor, but the situation I am most obsessed with is the new pad!!! Maybe I am a bit more sensitive than most people and notice architectural details because my background and education are in architecture, but I gotta say I was a little distracted last night by the new pad!!!!

Granted there probably aren’t many brand new Bachelor-quality mansions to choose from in Sonoma, but what was up with that pad?? Right away, the bad ’80 fake-stone fireplace stole my attention from the other situations happening (aka the amazing ladies).

The cheap gas station-style peach bathrooms stalls? The bad ’80s tile and stair rails? The ’70s closet doors? Even the door hardware was less than amazing, especially compared to the original Bachelor Mansion.

Doesn’t producer Mike Fleiss know that architecture is a major component of the magic The Bachelor brings? I was wondering if the producers were scrambling to get a mansion and didn’t have time to transform the pad to meet Bachelor standards? I mean, the luggage room?

I couldn’t even pay attention to the drama going down in the luggage room with Blakeley because I was so obsessed with the luggage room itself!

And perhaps most disconcerting of all was the clip of Chris Harrison standing in front of a badly remodeled kitchen saying, “ladies, it’s time for the rose ceremony.” Somehow it just wasn’t right. Of course I love the show so this is not a diss, just a curious inquiry.

Did the producers cheap out and choose this pad over a more amazing pad? Did Ben decide at the last minute he would relocate the ladies to Sonoma and they had to find a place quick? Or did the producers just think we wouldn’t notice these details and that hundreds of candles and some interior design accents would cover the less-than-amazing construction? These are the types of burning questions we ask ourselves here at Ok! Here is the Situation!

I also found it fascinating that the pad seemed to mirror the less-than-lustrous looks that the ladies were bringing last night. Penny Farthing does an excellent breakdown of the style situations:

“Blakeley’s overall style is a SITUATION! I’m 34 as well, so I can tell you that dressing “’80s hooker chic” is not *in* with my age group. I loved that Ben was infatuated with her look, too.

He even said something like, “what’s going on with your look?” Which she took as a compliment I’d think, but I took as some serious inquisitiveness, like…really…WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR LOOK?!? It’s almost mesmerizing how anachronistic it is. Hair elevated by hairspray?? Earrings that are a foot long??”

“I am loving that Jaclyn is obviously just there to have fun. She is drama-free and just having a great time. Love it! But, in one of her ITM’s she was wearing what looked to be a doily-styled shirt. Yes, I mean it looked like a lace place-mat type thing, but fashioned into a shirt. And THEN, during the rose ceremony, Courtney shows up with another doily-styled number. WHAT IS UP WITH DOILY FASHION?!?! Did I miss some 2011 fashion memo??”

Doilies, ’70s-style drapes and ’80s architectural accents stole the show last night!

In regards to aesthetics, I have a few suggestions for The Bachelor producers:

1) We notice details, so hire Bachelor alumni Jillian Harris and/or contact me, C Lo, so I can draw up some construction documents for you that will meet/exceed Bachelor pad standards.

2) Hire full-time hair and make-up stylists to ensure the ladies are at their most amazing at all times.

Thank you.
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