‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 5: Your faves weigh in

Considering all the situations that have already presented themselves, I can’t believe we’re only on episode 5 of season 16 of The Bachelor! This week’s episode in a nutshell? Some stuff happened leading up to the skinny dip, then the skinny dip happened, then some stuff happened after the skinny dip and then there was the rose ceremony, where Jennifer was denied a rose. I mean…it was really all about the skinny dip! Oh, and we got to see 1) Chris Harrison with a mini megaphone; 2) one creepy baggage snagger; and 3)  one sad, pontoon boat/dinghy exit to nowhere. A-mazing! We here at Ok! Here is the Situation LIVE for these moments!

Also, while we were watching the show last night, a bunch of you started weighing in on our “What’s wrong with Courtney Robertson?” poll and it’s a squeaker between the answers “sociopath” and “borderline personality disorder.” If you haven’t already, please weigh in!!

Now, it’s time to roundup what some of our favorite Bachelor characters and bloggers had to say about episode 5! (Please leave a comment below or email us if we’re missing any of your favorite recaps. Thanks!)


From Marissa May: “My thoughts on this whole skinny dipping situation: I think it was pretty inconsiderate for him to do this. His instincts were that it was a bad idea. His reasoning was that he wanted more time with her. There are a billion things he could’ve done with her that didn’t involve THAT. At epi 3 when he sent Shawntel home his excuse was because it wasn’t fair to the other girls to bring her in. Yet he thinks doing THIS with Courtney is fair to them? Hmmmm. For his sake I hope the girl he ends up with (if he ends up with someone) is VERY forgiving.”

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From The Knotty Bride: “Turns out there is a God Courtney does NOT get the one-on-one date card, but is again irritated that she isn’t getting every single one, because she doesn’t seem to understand that she has not yet won, and that there are human beings around her and that it isn’t coincidental, that they’re there.  See, when you live in a dreamworld constructed inside of your own mind, you can easily forget that other people exist, and that they require your kindness and respect.  It’s hard to remember, I know, Courtney.”

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From Dana Weiss (aka Possessionista):

It’s like crayons threw up on this rose ceremony

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From Reid Rosenthal: “Courtney surprises Ben in a robe and of course with a bottle of red wine. She makes good on her skinny-dipping promise. Wow, if Ben could only see what the viewers are seeing he would run so far in the other direction. I mean, she may be a serial killer. Man, now I’m hungry for some peanut butter crunch. I digress.

She obviously only wants to win so she will have access to all the red wine she can drink. I bet Courtney fantasizes about running nude through vineyards and swimming through lakes filled with red wine or maybe blood.

All that said, man, this girl has some game. Haha. Any guy would be tempted by an attractive girl who shows up in a bathrobe with a bottle of wine and then proceeds to strip down to her lingerie on the beach. Game over or Game on is right unfortunately. Wait….I think im starting to like her now after those charades, noooooo Reid nooo. look away. Look away!

Ok, here’s a vote: Did they or did they not have sex in the ocean? I say yes.”


From Natalie Getz: “These two nuggets go skinny-dipping in the most awkward of ways.  I can’t imagine what his mom and sister are thinking at this point.  Maybe in real life this would have been kind of fun and crazy, but given the circumstances that she knew his family and friends would be watching is insane to me.  I may have taken my top off on the Bachelor Pad, BUT, I wasn’t trying to fall in love AND we were in a nude pool for crying out loud! (I’m still justifying the situation to myself, so screw off.) Courtney pretty much begged and pleaded for Ben to take her skinny-dipping. Even as they were stripping down, they didn’t say a word or even playfully laugh. It was like a first, open mouth kiss at a co-ed party in 7th grade.”


From Ashley Spivey:

Chris Harrison tells everyone that they will all be getting dates this week and I almost spit my dinner out when I saw the shirt that Courtney was wearing.  Ohhhh the irony!


From Bachelor Ben Flajnik: “I won’t spend a ton of time on the skinny-dipping, because I feel like I’ve talked about it so much in the press! What I will say is that I try to focus on all these relationships singularly. It’s odd to date more than one woman and in order to do so, you have to try to treat each one individually. If I were in Puerto Rico with a beautiful woman I was dating and she wanted to skinny dip, I would be a fool to decline. I treated this situation the same way.

I will admit that at the time I wasn’t thinking of the other women and how it would make them feel, and I’m sorry for that, but I can’t blame Courtney for going out of her way to spend more time with me – that’s why we are all here.”


From Chris Harrison: “Nicki got the first one-on-one date this week. I know it seemed crazy, but the rain really does come out of the blue like it did on that date. That happened several times while we were in Puerto Rico. This was probably the most intense rainstorm we’ve seen on a date in a while. Everyone was totally unprepared, but quick thinking and a good attitude from Ben and Nicki actually made the date even more fun, as they donned local attire and just went along for the ride. The wedding in the middle of the town square was huge, and I know it was an emotional moment for Nicki. The atmosphere and excitement around the church as the bells tolled really captured the feeling of Old San Juan. By the way, if you get a chance there’s a great mom-and-pop restaurant I ate at while in Old San Juan that was incredible. It’s called Fefo’s Deli & Tapas. Just ask what the catch of the day is and tell the family to order for you. You won’t regret it.”

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From Dave Good: “Whew…she might be a horrible human being but she has one hell of a body on her. I’ll give her that. The real question is, did they knock boots in the water? What do you think? I’m going to go with YEP 100%! You don’t get the fire truck out unless there is a fire.

Ben says he “feels crappy” about it the next day. Has anyone lost respect for him or are you ok with what he did? I would not have done that. I would not be able to face the other girls after that and could wait to go later on in the show when it’s narrowed down to that point.”


From Jillian Harris: “I wasn’t surprised Ben sent Elyse home- were you? What I WAS surprised about was Ben sending Jennifer home! After calling her “the best kisser of the group” and their date last week I thought she be sticking around for a while! And I definitely thought Emily would be going home after Ben told her to “be careful” and not talk about Courtney- yikes! She really needs to drop it because he clearly has no interest in hearing it.

Watching Jennifer’s exit was pretty heartbreaking- I hate that feeling. Not to mention, he sent home the best dressed girl of the night!”

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From Ali Fedotowsky: “Now here comes the really interesting part—Ben and Courtney skinny dipping. People often ask me if the girls can go to see Ben whenever they want and the answer is no, they can’t. So in this situation Courtney must have asked a producer if she could see him so they could skinny dip and they allowed it. Ben said she “broke the rules” but trust me, she got permission. Don’t you think the camera crew would have said something if she was breaking the rules? And Courtney knew exactly what she was doing by putting the idea into Ben’s head early on. (Plus, I think she saw the chemistry between Kacie B. and Ben and wanted to put a stop to it immediately.) In terms of Ben’s involvement, he’s a single man—of course he’s going to want to go skinny dipping with a model! Does that mean all men out there would do this? Of course not. I’m just saying that most men would have a hard time saying no to this especially since Ben is super into Courtney. I don’t think Ben would have done it with just any girl, and Courtney is a frontrunner so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get closer (uh, real close) to her. Would I have done it? Absolutely not. But that’s just me.”


From Michael Stagliano: “Oh gosh. If there was anyone who was still holding out hope for Courtney to be a wonderful woman it’s all gone now. My guess is that was shattered after this part. I, for one, was immediately reminded of a certain serpent in the Garden of Eden, cunningly and seductively whispering to Adam/Ben to taste the forbidden fruit. And no, I am not comparing Courtney to Satan (but close). It’s just wrong for so many reasons. It really made my stomach turn, and though (as I mentioned earlier) I get it…I get that Ben has probably been on the road, traveling, falling asleep alone at night, maybe a little backed-up and here comes Courtney with a bottle of deep-red wine (his kryptonite) and a bath robe. Almost any man would be powerless against Courtney. But guess what? Ben is not any man, he is The Bachelor and I think you friggin’ keep it in your pants. Out of respect for the other girls, out of respect for Courtney (hard to muster), and out of respect for his family watching. Oh man this was like watching a car crash in slow motion. I kept saying, “don’t do it, don’t do it, DON’T DO IT.”


From The Final Prose: “COURT-DAWG is waiting for Ben when he returns from dumping Elyse. She comes into his hotel room, mumbles in baby-talk, gives him some wine, and drags him out to skinny dip. Pro: she has really pretty underwear. Con: she says “I don’t think he’s ever skinny dipped with a model before, so….” Followed by her face. You know the face.

Courtney and Ben crash into the waves nakedly. They embrace, nakedly. They make out, nakedly. I would bet a bazillion dollars that they do a lot more nakedly, perhaps right there, but perhaps back in Ben’s room…because when Ben shows up for the rose ceremony cocktail party the next day, he is ashamed and admits to feeling “crappy” about going for it. It seems like Something Happened, and maybe he feels like Courtney trapped him.”

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From West Lee: “When Ben arrives home from his ill-fated date with Elyse, he finds Courtney sitting on his steps, looking for a nightcap (is that what the kids are calling it these days?). In an ITM, she says she doesn’t know if Ben’s ever skinny dipped with a model before. I’m assuming by model she means something that’s long, skinny and doesn’t have much shape…which makes me wonder–does driftwood count?

In his interview, Big Ben says he doesn’t think this is such a good idea, but then little Ben chimes in with ‘are you f**king kidding me?!? She gon’ get NEKKID!,’ causing Big Ben to come to his senses and say ‘Why the hell not?’As they stripped off their clothes, drunkenly stumbled into the ocean and proceed to get their groove on share an intimate moment, I found myself thinking that any girl that can convince a man to get butt-ass naked on national television is a force to be reckoned with. She might just run away with this thing.
From everything I’ve seen on this show (which, granted, might not be everything), Courtney is as manipulative and underhanded as they come…but I’ll say this for her: No one has played the game this well since Jordan. Girl can flat out ball.”

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From “The big, burly, silent, scary guy comes to the apartment to get Elyse’s purple luggage, indicating to the women that she’s a goner. This part always legitimately scares me! Why can’t he speak to or look at the women, who are all freaking out right in front of him? Why does he have such a mean look on his face? Is he a robot? Anyway, Courtney says, “Maybe she drank too much and her Jersey Shore came out,” which, oops, we made the same really obvious joke. No relation!”

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From The Bachelor Expert:The date begins with a yacht. If a person leaves on a yacht they usually come back in a lifeboat. There comes a point in every season when people get one-on-one dates, who the Bachelor is not interested in.  The date is awkward and Elyse thinks it’s going well. It is clear Ben is going to send Elyse home. It is painful to watch her get in the little boat while her heart breaks. Ben throws the rose away in the ocean and cue the dramatic music. Back at the house the women are in shock Elyse going home. Courtney is quite pleased. Casey explains he can’t keep everyone. ”

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