Stassi Schroeder weighs in on the Tom and Kristen situation

No one lays down the truth like Stassi Schroeder on Vanderpump Rules so getting her perspective on the Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute situation was paramount. The discussion has been about whether Tom and co-star Ariana Madix have slept together or not. Both Tom and Ariana say no, but their friends are saying something else. Here is Stassi’s breakdown to … Read more

Are Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute still together?

Ok, the status of this Vanderpump Rules situation changes by the minute but as of the time this post was written 11pm on Monday January 13th, 2014: Are Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute still together? drumroll please….. YES!!!! and ‘WORKING ON IT’ The two confirmed tonight on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.  Vanderpump … Read more

The Vanderpump Rules reunion looks like it is gonna be a situation!!!

The Vanderpump Rules reunion looks like it is gonna be a situation!!! Looks like they just filmed it and the Twitterverse is blowing up with some details: Jax Taylor expressed some anxiety prior to filming: Today is going to be interesting I have anxiety already and we haven’t even started, can anyone guess why ? … Read more

Did Tom Sandoval sleep with Ariana Madix?

The Vanderpump Rules love triangle — Tom Sandoval, girlfriend Kristen Doute and co-star Ariana Madix has been the focus this season of Vanderpump Rules. The big fight has been over whether Tom slept with co-star Ariana or not. Kristen has been stalking Tom stealing his phone and reading his suspicious texts from Ariana in an effort to learn the truth. So … Read more

Vanderpump Rules season 2, episode 9: Situations collide

There is nothing we love here more than when two reality shows collide into one giant situation! And tonight on Vanderpump Rules’ thats exactly what happened when we enjoyed the first crossover event where The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seamlessly transitioned into Vanderpump Rules. It was the greatest crossover event since Murder She Wrote … Read more

Vanderpump Rules Ep 6: Kristen confronts Ariana on texts, Jax gets some action

Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules episode 6: “Lisa’s Angels” some serious situations are confronted.  Kristen Doute finally confronts Ariana on some texts she found on Tom’s phone and Jax finally tries to move on from Stassi with a 21-year-old ballerina. Kristen has apparently been rifling through Tom’s phone and found some texts from Ariana about wanting to … Read more

Tom Sandoval responds to co-stars about the Kristen cheating situation

Tom Sandoval and girlfriend Kristen Doute are definitely providing some serious drama this season of Vanderpump Rules. The two started the season where Jax and Stassi left off at the end of last season. Tom even cheats with a mystery girl in Las Vegas just like Jax–amazing! Needless-to-say the cheating scandal really causes problems for … Read more

Did Tom Sandoval cheat on Kristen Doute with Ariana Madix?

Tom Sandoval vehemently denied that he cheated on girlfriend Kristen Doute with new server Ariana Madix  on the last episode of Vanderpump Rules, but this weeks episode shows a preview of Tom admitting to sleeping with someone and shows Kristen shocked and devastated by the news. In other words it looks like the rumors were true … Read more

Are Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute still together?

After last weeks episode of Vanderpump Rules where we met new server Ariana Madix as she was transferred to SUR from Villa Blanca and we saw Tom ‘train’ Ariana to be a SUR bartender, everyone is wondering if Tom and his girlfriend Kristen Doute are still dating. The reason everyone is so curious is because Ariana … Read more