Courtney Robertson’s thoughts on Ben Flajnik before the show

I discovered this Access Hollywood video done just prior to the taping of the show with Bachelor lady Courtney Robertson dishing on why she is doing the show. I love that the interviewer inquires about behind-the-scenes details like What do they tell you to bring for the show? I’m always curious how the ladies know what to pack and if the clothes are even theirs. After all, with a production crew with hair and makeup in tow, why wouldn’t they have a wardrobe as well —  packed full of amazing lady dresses?

In the interview, Courtney says I had a crush on Ben last season so I’m excited to meet him and see if there’s anything there. I just think he’s adorable.

I think he just seems like a nice normal guy…I love his hair…he’s got a great head of hair.

Ha!!! Well not exactly a deep soliloquy on why she loves Ben F, but still a gem. It’s rare that I find interviews of contestants just prior to being on the show.

She also chimes in that she was really excited The Bachelor was Ben and she thought he ended things well with Ashley — ended things with dignity. She also claims her sister encouraged her to do the show and says it’s not something she would have ever done.

The interviewer inquires : Why love on a reality show?

She responds: I just figured why not?

So there you have it. Not exactly a bombshell of insight from this Victoria Secret model, but really, what did you expect? She will certainly be a situation to watch!!

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