‘Bachelor 16’ Courtney Robertson’s Enneagram personality breakdown

Tonight we got a little more insight into amazing lady and professional model Courtney Robertson. We here at OK! Here is the Situation love doing a personality breakdown and we love employing the enneagram to analyze personalities. The enneagram is an ancient tool that dates back to the beginning of civilization and the ancient Sufis. It maps the fears and motivations of people by breaking them down into 9 different personality types. You can see the visual of this map to the right and what is so amazing about it is how dynamic the personalities are. Although each of us is rooted at a specific point on the map we will also have attributes of adjacent personalities. Additionally, the map shows that when you are healthy you actually integrate to another number.  It sounds complicated but it’s really not. Once you start using it, you will be amazed at how accurate it is.

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I had Courtney pegged as a three from the minute she stepped out of the limo onto the freshly hosed driveway, because she was a model and happened to mention she was a model…a lot. I didn’t want to make a determination then because I wanted a little more information and didn’t want to pre-judge her. And I have to issue my disclaimer here that this is simply my opinion after studying this system for 15 years. I can always be wrong and you can convince me that I am wrong with a good argument so as always feel free to weigh-in.

And, for you skeptics out there, you might find it interesting to learn that the enneagram is actually taught at a lot of well-respected universities, like Stanford, UCLA, USC and Georgetown.

As you may recall, our favorite host Chris Harrison is also a three (although we believe he, unlike Courtney, is very healthy and self-actualized). The Three is the Achiever, the Charmer, the Status-seeker, and the Opportunist, depending on how healthy they are. Threes are very confident, charismatic, and usually gorgeous. Key Motivations, according to the Enneagram Institute: Threes want to be affirmed, to distinguish themselves from others, to have attention, to be admired, and to impress others. No one can throw an outfit together like a three. No one can work a room like a three. No one can handle a situation like a three (see Chris Harrison). That said, if threes are not healthy they don’t really possess this charisma and charm and social intelligence, but they sure think they do. They are a bit full of themselves, name-dropping and bragging about how much people like them, obsessed with material items and making sure everyone around them knows how amazing they are.

But interestingly, their deepest fear is that they don’t possess any real value so they cling to other people and fancy things to show they do. The irony, of course, is that this makes them so much less attractive. I KNEW Courtney would let Ben know tonight, during episode 2, that she had dated an actor (referring to Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives), acting coy as if she was better than that. And poor Ben!!!!! He bought it hook, line and sinker!!! We loved his comment about how smart and witty she was. In fact, we were laughing so hard Penny Farthing had to tweet the producers and ask them if they had done some serious editing and edited OUT the parts where she was smart and witty.


This brings us to Ben, who I pegged as a four in Ashley’s season. I am a fellow four so I resonated with him a lot, particularly when he stormed off saying things like this don’t end unless they end badly. The four is so consumed with their emotions and take rejection much more personally than other numbers. Ben clearly has a lot of feelings. He is the romantic. You can hear it in his language. Tonight he referred to his experience with Ashley as “cathartic”. “Cathartic” is a great word to a four, because they love to experience the full depth of life and human emotions. So even if something hurts they treasure it in retrospect. They like to experience the pleasure and the pain that life has to offer, whereas other numbers like the seven will actually spend their whole life avoiding pain.

And they also love to create fantasy worlds and often put the person they like into a fantasy role. I could see this occur right away with Courtney. I am certain he will look back on this and go what was I thinking, she has no depth and she’s kind of a bitch, but now, well, we just have to be patient with him because this is going to take awhile. He has created a fantasy version of her where she is incredibly smart, worldly and evolved. Of course, the rest of us see the truth….she is pretty, but very self-centered and dare I say dull.

So we have an average to healthy four (Ben) and an unhealthy three (Courtney). Even healthy fours can easily get tricked by the three. Since the four’s deepest fear is that he is defective, a beautiful charismatic three can feel like the perfect cure to his imperfection. The four also has a three wing and we can see Ben’s three wing come out a lot. He does some posturing to appear Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson at Cassie and Peter's weddingmuch cooler than he is. I mean he is adorable and all, but he is dorky and trying a tiny bit too hard. We here at Ok! Here is the Situation are not mean-spirited, so please take this for what it is and that it is constructive criticism. It’s a break down, not to be confused with the smackdown by Jesse Csincsak, where he brings on ex-Bach contestants to weigh-in.

So what’s interesting about the enneagram is it contends we are always moving. We are either in integration or disintegration. When the three moves in the Direction of Disintegration (stress), the usually very-driven three  becomes apathetic perhaps even mean. However, when moving in the Direction of Integration (growth), threes get over themselves, becoming more cooperative and committed to polishing and helping others. I think its clear what direction Courtney is moving in. So for Ben’s sake, I hope he has a lot of good friends to support him when self-centered Courtney ditches the relationship for the next guy that can help advance her career.

The terminology developed for the enneagram is from Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types (revised edition) by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson.

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8 thoughts on “‘Bachelor 16’ Courtney Robertson’s Enneagram personality breakdown”

  1. I always thought Ben was a 9, to be honest. I am a 9 myself, and I could see his passiveness. I kinda forget the season now, but what others have said above also reflects 9. 9s also take separation poorly, as it’s our greatest fear. It seemed to me like he was trying to swallow his emotions rather than revel in them. He didn’t seem very dramatic/deep to me.

    • I could see how you could think that because he is so passive but I am pretty sure he is a 4. 9s are a little removed from their emotions. They actually repress a lot of feelings. What I notice w/ my 9 friends is that they will get angry about something 10 years later. If ben were a 9 he would not have freaked out on Ashley when she rejected him. That freak out was very 4. he is really a romantic through and through. 4s are very passive creatures…really caught in their fantasy worlds. But Id like to hear more about why you think 9???

  2. I fully support the enneagram. Users who are leaving comments doubting it are obviously ignorant. Anyhow, Ben is not complicated or complex enough to be a Four. I’d say he’s a Two. Could you give me more reasons for why you think he’s a four? Thanks

  3. This pseudo science sounds like one step removed from astrology:

    The Enneagram of Personality is not a typology that is commonly taught or researched in academic psychology. It has been widely promoted in both business management and spiritual contexts through seminars, conferences, books, magazines and DVDs.[2][3] In business contexts it is generally used as a typology to gain insights into workplace dynamics; in spirituality it is more commonly presented as a path to higher states of being, essence and enlightenment. It has been described as a method for self-understanding and self-development[2] but has been criticized as being subject to interpretation, making it difficult to test or validate scientifically

    • Yes, Courtney is most likely a three. But, I do not see Ben as a Four. I am a four with balanced wings, so I would know. I mean, last night he did comment on how he was “weird” and how he liked that Courtney was “unique” – that was very four-ish of him, but for the most part he is not very dramatic or tormented. He let go of that one girl because she was “too emotional,” and if there’s one person that should understand and embrace emotion it is the four!!
      Also, throughout the entire season he values girls being “easygoing,” but fours are not easygoing. And actually, Ben kinda is easygoing. . . which is another reason I believe him to be a different type.
      Could you please back up your reasons of why you think he’s a four a little more? I just think Ben is to dull to be a four when he’s IN LOVE. BEING IN LOVE should bring out the most interesting person in the four.
      Ben might be a 5, 6, 2, or 9 (well, maybe not a nine).

  4. ” We here at Ok! Here is the Situation are not mean-spirited,” Hmmm…

    ” I am certain he will look back on this and go what was I thinking, she has no depth and she’s kind of a bitch,”

    “she is pretty, but very self-centered and dare I say dull.”

    Sure could use a person like you covering my back! NOT!!

  5. I love to hate courtney as much as the next person and she may very well have a narcissitic personality disorder (not enough tape to reveal that) but no way does she have borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder would have her in screaming tearful fights with all of the women and Ben right off the bat. This one can hold back some stuff NOT borderline


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