‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 6: Your faves weigh in

The biggest  buzz from this week’s episode of The Bachelor is that Casey S was “Shteam-rolled” by, and I love this part, three different people….from the United States (great, dramatic clarification!). These three U.S. citizens felt it was their civic duty to contact Chris Harrison to let him know that although Casey Shteamer was single, she still had significant enough feelings for her ex-boyfriend (also in the United States) that they felt they should warn ABC and Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Thank you, citizens!!!

We also got to see more of naked-yet-censored Courtney Robertson when, as I mentioned in a previous post, she elected to forgo her individual underwear and instead don the local, revealing Panamanian fantasy outfit (in Panama City, Panama).

Other highlights included: 1) a dramatic baggage snagger fake-out then grab (of Blakeley’s luggage); 2) the appearance of our first (likely of many) “I love you, Ben!” scrapbooks; and 3) an enneagram personality type 6 (aka Jamie Otis) attempting to awkwardly mount Ben in order to guide him through a kissing tutorial. I mean…it’s all sometimes almost too much to process.

So, what did some of your favorite Bachelor personalities think about episode 6? I’ve rounded up some snippets of their thoughts here, with links directing you to their full articles. Or, if you just want to get straight to our amazing Bachelor polls to weigh in, we have some toward the bottom of the post. Please WEIGH IN!


From Bachelor Ben Flajnik: “The group date was such a cool experience. Group dates have always been difficult for me, but they’ve gotten harder as time goes on and as feelings have developed. It’s awkward to be flirty with one woman while the other women are watching, or to hand a rose out in front of everyone, or to want to kiss someone but then worry another woman is watching. It’s not easy balancing relationships while trying to make everyone feel special.

That’s why I was drawn to Courtney during the daytime portion of the group date – she made it a point to spend time with me. I always knew how she felt and she made sure to let me know that she was thinking of me. I will admit though, I wasn’t pleased when she got in the pool during my time with Jamie. I know she was just trying to let me know that she’s interested, but Jamie has a tough time opening up and having Courtney out of the corner of her eye wasn’t helping.”

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From Natalie Getz: “Just as Kacie states that it’s so hot watching Ben crack coconuts, he claims he lost all his juice. Nuts! This date is like a PG Disney version of, “Survivor.”  Lot’s of weird giggling, long silences, and forced conversation take place during this potentially, fun date.

As bad as I feel for Kacie, I really would not have brought up such a dramatic issue such as an eating disorder on a second date.  Yes, it’s, “The Bachelor” and things move fast, but that’s just one of those things that I’d probably wait to tell until after getting serious.  Opening up to someone doesn’t mean telling them about such issues in the past.  I feel like this is extremely personal and not something I’d ever talk about on a second date.  How could Ben not give the rose to her after she told him about her hatred for hamburgers as a teenager?  I still really love her and wish she were the next Bachelorette!  Obviously, Kacie gets the rose.”

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From The Knotty Bride: “Because Panama hates Ben, the weather is a sultry mix of humidity, drizzle, and low hovering, thick mist.  For Ben, it’s a recipe for an epic bad hair day.  For Courtney?  It’s– for Courtney it’s– Courtney’s cumming-to-town you guys.

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From Constantine Tzortzis: “While we haven’t seen too much from Lindzi recently her reference to our Bachelor as “her boyfriend” proves she’s more than mentally invested in her relationship with Ben and probably already knitted him a sweater, gone shopping for a wedding dresses and airbrushed their names onto a license plate. During their time alone Ben expresses his admiration for Lindzi’s very easygoing attitude as they both agree that neither enjoys fighting within a relationship. How far removed from reality are these two at this moment?

On the complete opposite side of the easy going spectrum. Ben and Courtney’s private conversation reveals yet another attempt at absolute relationship control (ARC) on Courtney’s part. Again Courtney reaches into her pocket and attempts to pull the yellow manipulation card and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect upon Ben as when it was first used in Utah. Courtney realizes that her tactics have stalled and immediately switches up and begins to mention all the provocative things she can imagine her and Ben engaging in at a later date. Once she sees our Bachelor is fully switched on she goes in for a kiss and immediately pulls away. I refer to this tactic as “The Dangled Carrot”. It simply plants the seeds of control sublimely under the guise of future promises of pleasure. I must admit Courtney is crafty; the question stands, is this a product of the game or is the game a product of her?”

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From Dana Weiss (aka Possessionista):

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Courtney’s white sequin dress


From Knox McCoy: “Ben sees nature! Catches a fish! Gets some tribal ink! Dances with a rabbit! Wait, sorry. That last one was Courtney. Totally my bad. And call me crazy but methinks that I saw some Rabbit censorship as she danced. REWIND ENGAGE.

Suspicions confirmed. Courtney is nude AGAIN this episode which is awesome for nobody.

But as the preview continues, I see that if I had just let the recording run for a moment, I would see the teaser trailer for the defenestration of Courtney’s decency. At this point, even Blakeley is like, “Your whorish behavior is offensive to me.”

Also, there’s a dramatic teaser of Casey S. getting some bad news. My powers of deduction assume that a relative has died. That or she found out that Clay Aiken really is gay. But with it probably being family bad news, I’ll bite my tongue and not say something to the affect of how the noise she makes when she cries is massively annoying and a distant relative  to Jim Carrey’s most annoying noise in the world. I won’t say all that because that would be insensitive.”

From Ashley Spivey, who always has something witty to say!

Emily tries to be the better person and apologize to Courtney by telling her that she was wrong for judging her.

Courtney doesn’t accept the apology and says it doesn’t matter because she would never be friends with her in real life.  Karma later bites her in the butt when Ben doesn’t show up for their secret rendezvous. Lindzi gets the group date rose.

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From Dave Good: “Courtney is the most malevolent person that I have ever seen on this show.

Emily and Ben sit down and she says she has something to tell him.  She then says “there is another man in her life” and she can’t fight the feelings anymore.  She then goes on to say its “the Chief” hahaha!  That was hilarious.  His face was priceless.

Does anyone else notice she does not ever look him in the eye when they are talking?

Emily admits that she was wrong to get to involved in the way Courtney acts and then bring it up to Ben.  When she gets back to the group she also apologizes to Courtney for what she said and did.

Courtney’s response is dumbfounding to me.  I understand what Emily did was bad but Courtney wanted nothing to do with the apology and said in many different words ‘she does not accept her apology and does not respect Emily at all.’

This reminds me of a great quote.  Somebody forward this to Courtney.  “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us and when we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” – Martin Luther King Jr.”

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From Marissa May: “On to Courtney and her little monologue about men in her life. Courtney throws it out there for Ben to come visit her and “repay” the favor that she apparently gave him the week prior. What he needs to “repay” I’m not too sure…but he owes her in her mind. Courtney tells us she has a pattern in her life of men treating her great at the beginning and then she gets taken for granted. Ok…let me break it down for you chica. The reason why men treat you well in the beginning? That’s because they feel like they need to earn your love, trust and attention. You, on the other hand, use your body and physical features to get the attention of said man without him having to do any work…I’m guessing because you feel like you have no other cards to play. Once the guy realizes you’re giving him everything he wants from the start without any effort, of COURSE he is going to take it for granted. You didn’t make him earn it or appreciate it from day 1! Once you start treating yourself like you deserve the care and attention a man should give a woman, it will come to you, I promise.

Oh, and Ben…please stop praising Courtney for being the only one to step up and give you attention. You are drastically mistranslating her motive. Courtney isn’t giving you attention for you to feel as if she is interested. She is giving you attention so she gets your attention. All of her actions are to feed her need to feel wanted, not to make you feel wanted. She knows exactly what to do to turn it around and you have fallen for it every single time.”

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From West Lee: “When Courtney said in this week’s episode that she’s afraid Ben will lose interest in her because most of the men in her life have done so after a while, it was easy to say ‘well yeah, maybe you shouldn’t give up the goods so quickly,’ and to a degree it’s true. But maybe the more important question is why does she act that way? Why does she intentionally set the other women off? Why does she play to Ben’s libido? Perhaps it’s because it’s the only way she knows how to get attention. Maybe when she was younger she didn’t get the attention she needed through normal interaction, so she developed these tendencies as a way of compensating. In turn, maybe all she needs to change her ways is for someone to appreciate her for who she is and not what she looks like naked.”

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From Michael Stagliano: “Just when we thought the magician has pulled out all their cards Jamie ends the episode with what must have been the most confusing, hysterical, embarrassing, out of control one-on-one time in the show’s history.  I had both of my arms over my face, was peeking out of a tiny crevice between my elbows with one eye, laughing out loud, taking deep DEEP breaths and screaming at the TV, “No … no no no.   OH no…. No…Nope….Don’t do that…No.  What was that?  No…NO NO NO…What did she say?  No…no…….Noooo.”  Ben laughs a few times and I don’t know how he doesn’t laugh the whole time.  He does produce a “Fla-Nick-Nack” of the week when Jamie says, “Are you nervous around me?”  And he replies, “Not normally, but I am now ‘cause I’m not sure how this is gonna go.”  Hahaha.  IT WAS BRUTAL.”

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From Reid Rosenthal: “The Emily and Courtney conversation seals the deal on Courtney not having a soul. Emily makes a genuine and friendly peace offering to Courtney Courtney makes an evil face… says she respects that she confronted her but she isn’t going to lie, I lost all respect for you. Cue the confrontation music. Boom. Evil Courtney line: “What do you want me to do, bend over and take it up the tailpipe? I don’t forgive and forget.” This would be cool if they both pulled out light sabers at this point. Sorry that’s the dork in me.”

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From Jillian Harris: “Would you have gone all natural or do you think it’s just too much? I mean… I remember on Jason’s season when we had to make those molds of our boobs. I near wanted to die of embarrassment – lets just say they don’t call me Bee Stings for nothing. So would I go bare? Mmmm looking back, no. But now I’m proud of my little tarts (after all they haven’t changed since I got them back in ’93) but still … there are certain rules while going on national television – showing your bare tata’s is definitely in the top 3 no no’s – unless your on “Jersey Shore” of course.”

From Ali Fedotowsky: “There was a lot of awkwardness on the group date as usual. I think it’s blatantly obvious that Courtney is using her sexuality to get what she wants; it’s a bit over the top at this point. I think it would have been fine for her not to wear a bathing suit when dancing with the tribe (do as the locals do) if she and Ben were in a committed, monogamous relationship, but they absolutely are not. There were a bunch of other girls on the date and she should’ve respected that. I’m having a hard time understanding her. She seems to think that the other girls aren’t making “moves” on the date, but the reason they aren’t making moves is because usually all of the girls become friends during the season. So on the group dates, they’re all trying to respect each other and each person’s relationship with Ben. That’s how I felt on my season anyway, and I’m glad I respected the other girls on group dates because some of them became my best friends. I feel bad for Courtney because she isn’t going to come out of this experience with any lifelong friends. Or maybe she will and there’s something we aren’t seeing. I hope she did make friends, for her sake.”


From our fave French Bachelor fan in Ireland, Sophienette:

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From super-host Chris Harrison: “The day of the rose ceremony brought with it the most interesting part of this week’s episode. You all saw what happened with Casey S., so let me take you behind the scenes and tell you what led me to step in and talk to her. We heard from Casey’s former boyfriend and a couple other people that Casey had spent serious time with him leading up to the show and that she still had serious feelings for him. In fact, her ex-boyfriend explicitly told us that he was currently in a relationship with her. I’ve said before that one thing I regretted during Ashley’s season is not going further and telling her more about Bentley and his intentions. I wasn’t going to let that happen again. Now, I want to make it clear that in my opinion Casey didn’t come on the show with bad intentions; she didn’t come on the show to deceive Ben. Like many people who have come on this show in the past, Casey learned a lot about herself and changed during her time here. My talk with her was in no way confrontational, but I did want to make things very clear, to her and everybody watching. Unfortunately that lesson of making things very clear for all involved was one I learned a few seasons ago. It’s funny to see how once the show airs, people’s memories can suddenly and dramatically change.”

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From The Bachelor Expert: “Ben takes Courtney away and she says “I’m being stolen, call the authorities.” As if she couldn’t be anymore dramatic. When Ben talks about his favorite times with Courtney, skinny dipping tops the list. Now that is the formula for a long lasting relationship. Courtney loses sight of the other night. It happened for her a few nights ago, we all watched a week ago and it is still burned into the viewer’s brains. She invites Ben to her room later.

Jamie has an awkward conversation with Ben. Courtney jumps in the pool to distract him. Emily has one-on-one time with Ben and redeems herself. She makes a joke about having a thing with the chief. Ben almost dies. When Emily gets back to the women. She apologizes to Courtney and admits she is wrong. Courtney is not receptive to it and  proves Emily is correct. Way to go Courtney!”

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From Lindsay Robertson of “We’re more than halfway through The Bachelor, a.k.a. The Courtney Robertson Show Starring Courtney Robertson’s Naked Body, and this week the women head to Panama City (the one in Panama. They’ve probably already spent plenty of time in the one in Florida), where they bother some native people; Blakeley makes a classic, yet always hilarious Bachelor mistake; and the producers look deep into Casey B.’s soul and discover within it love for a man who is not Ben. And someone actually tries to teach Ben how to kiss!”

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From The Final Prose: “Kacie confesses, very painfully, that she had an eating disorder in high school and that made her grow up especially fast. Ben reacts by…doing nothing. Except asking her how long she had it. Kacie graciously thanks Ben for making it easy on her to share this painful background story. In my opinion, he was not very comforting or kind to her about this. He just seems so cold. Bleh. Anyway she obviously gets the rose. I didn’t think he was that into her…although oppressive humidity and discussing bulimia tend to take the romance out of a date.”
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