Our favorite Chris Harrison poses and hand gestures

It’s no secret that we LOVE Chris Harrison! Chris is a consummate situation professional. In fact there are not enough words in the English language to describe why Chris Harrison is SO amazing, but the following is a collection of Chris Harrison situation poses and postures that reveal why we love him so much!

In fact each of these postures say OK, Here is the situation, but it is the varied nuance of each pose carefully designed for each situation that is so impressive and amazing!

Here is the first pose. We are going to call this Chris Harrison classic. This is the quintessential Chris Harrison ladies, welcome to the mansion and get ready for the situations to begin! Notice hands clasped, formal yet fun….its a fresh start. Let’s meet the Bachelor.










This is the classic welcoming posture. Note the freshly wetted driveway means the limo is on the way and the ladies are about to unload. Hands unclasped, open, ready to extend in welcoming handshake.










This is the ladies, I have something important to say posture. I’m about to explain some things so put your cocktails down and turn your listening ears on. Fingers pinched means I am giving specific but exciting details.







This is Chris Harrison casual. Its the good morning ladies! I’m about to explain a group date situation. Hands opened, get excited!










This is the Recap posture. Its, OK, we need to go over some things that happened last season so we can get up-to-speed on the current situation status… hands casually clasped around microphone, legs crossed, top button undone: I’m getting comfortable because I’m about to breakdown situations from last season and this is gonna take awhile.


This is OK, we need to talk about a difficult and super serious situation pose and it might be a little bit tough but I’m going to walk you through it.

I can’t even count how many times over the years we had to go to this pose to deal with some of reality TV’s most challenging and uncomfortable situations. This may be the pose that reveals why Chris deserves an EMMY/Golden Globe.


This is the ladies, this is a serious situation, the cocktail party is over and it is time to line up for the rose ceremony posture. Lips pursed, fingers pinched…I hate to ruin the party, but we have business to take care of.










Here is another close-up of the rose ceremony posture. Notice the wedding ring is prominently displayed. Chris is here to assist and to not to be the center of attention.

Chris Harrison’s hand gestures and poses receive our coveted FIVE out of five clasped hands for being an amazing situation!!!


Photos courtesy of some fun-loving screen-grabbing from ABC

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