‘Women Tell All’ Kelsey Poe returns to defend herself

Tonight on The Bachelor 17 of the original 30 women return to explain their situations and confront Chris Soules about why he dumped them. The show taped on Feb. 21st and things got intense according to host Chris Harrison who contends this season was the: “Craziest. Wildest. It was lightning in a bottle, good and … Read more

Chris Harrison claims Chris Soules wanted to choose Becca over Kaitlyn

On last Mondays episode of The Bachelor Chris Soules seemed really conflicted about choosing 26-year-old Becca Tilley over 30-year-old Kaitlyn Bristowe. So he pulled Becca aside before the rose ceremony to talk to her. The maneuver made Kaitlyn and Whitney think Becca was getting the boot, but in fact Chris was confused by his last … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe confronts Chris Soules on ‘Women Tell All’

Kaitlyn Bristowe was eliminated by Bachelor Chris Soules in Bali after Fantasy Suites (always brutal) and on ‘Women Tell All’ Monday, March 2nd, Kaitlyn gets her chance to confront Chris for the first time since the break up. She tells Chris: “Why not give me the courtesy to pull me aside and have a conversation … Read more

Britt Nilsson steals the show on ‘Women Tell All’

Monday, March 2, 2015 Bachelor 19 ‘Women Tell All’ is going to be historic. Host Chris Harrison calls it “the craziest “Tell All” yet! There were a lot of very uncomfortable blow outs that occurred this season and this is the first time a lot of these foes have seen one another since. The ‘Women … Read more

Chris Soules on Becca Tilley and the Fantasy Suite situation


Chris Soules obviously feels a deep connection with 26-year-old Becca Tilley. He has no idea at this point that she is a virgin and saving herself for marriage. She says this about whether she could move to Arlington: “I’d have to make sure I was really really sure about you and about us.” Becca is … Read more

Chris Soules on why he chose Becca Tilley in Bali

Monday night’s Fantasy Suites in Bali were intense. It was obvious that Chris Soules was having a very tough time deciding between Kaitlyn Bristowe, 30 and Becca Tilley, 26 at the rose ceremony. Adding to the complexity of the situation was the fact that Becca Tilley was a virgin! So Chris had the added pressure … Read more

Chris Soules talks about breaking up with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Bachelor contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe claimed that she was shocked by her elimination in Bali by Bachelor Chris Soules. And even Chris seemed really unsure of his decision pulling Becca Tilley aside first–a move that Kaitlyn felt surely meant she was still in. Kaitlyn later claimed that she was shocked by the elimination because Chris told … Read more

Chris Soules talks Whitney Bischoff Fantasy Suite & kids

Monday Chris Soules, 33 finally got his Fantasy Suite dates with his final 3 ladies in Bali. Being that we are 2 weeks away from a proposal I would suspect Chris would have some serious conversations with his ladies about a possible future together at this point. I am sure most of the real conversations … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe is definitely the next Bachelorette

Reality Steve claims ABC has made their choice and it’s a done deal and it is in fact 30-year-old Kaitlyn Bristowe who was just eliminated in Bali. No wonder she was smirking yesterday on GMA when asked about all the chatter. RS seemed pretty sure it would be Britt Nilsson, but it’s no wonder ABC … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe on GMA after elimination hints at being the next Bachelorette


This morning 30-year-old Bachelor contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe appeared on GMA to discuss her shocking/not-so-shocking elimination last night in Bali by Bachelor Chris Soules. Chris seemed really unsure of his decision to give her the boot — even telling her that! He actually seemed like he was going to boot Becca Tilley because Becca freaked him … Read more