Who was Kelsey Poe’s Late husband Sanderson Poe?

This year on season 19 of The Bachelor Chris Soules has some interesting ladies with intriguing and somewhat tragic back stories. One of those ladies is 28-year-old Guidance Counselor Kelsey Poe originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan who has been married before. She was married to musician Sanderson Patrick Poe who sadly died of heart failure … Read more

Bachelor 2015 Contestants names, ages and Hometowns officially revealed!

We have been waiting on pins and needles for an official list of the ladies who will be vying for the heart of Bachelor Chris Soules on The Bachelor 2015 which airs Monday Jan. 5. This time the Bachelor will be given 30 amazing ladies to choose from! ABC says that eight women will be … Read more

Jade Roper’s Hometown Date in Nebraska is not such a secret after all: SPOILER ALERT

SPOILER ALERT! Well we do not like posting Bachelor spoilers here but Ms. Jade Roper has posted it ALL over her own Facebook page! So maybe this is a new PR strategy for ABC? I assume it must be Ok or ABC would be all over her for posting the pictures of the two of … Read more

Who is Whitney Bischoff from The Bachelor?

Whitney Bischoff is a 29-year-old contestant competing for the heart of Iowa Farmer Chris Soules on The Bachelor Season 19. She live in Chicago, Illinois but is originally from Kentucky and works as a registered nurse at the Fertility Centers of Illinois. And most importantly she is BFF’s with one of our all time favorite contestants … Read more

Who is Jade Roper from The Bachelor?

Looks like the producers of The Bachelor have REALLY outdone themselves this time. They cast a 27-year-old Playboy model named Jade Roper and she seriously looks like she is going to a situation! She was born Jade Elizabeth Roper on December 19th, 1985 in Denver, Colorado to mom Kim and dad Laren –The oldest of three children. … Read more

Becca Tilley comes from football family

Becca Tilley is the 26-year-old stylist from Rancho Santa Fe, California competing for the heart of Iowa Farmer Chris Soules on this season of The Bachelor. Anyhow, she lives here in San Diego but is originally from Shreveport, LA. And Becca comes from yet another BIG football family much like Josh Murray from Andi Dorfman’s … Read more

Chris Soules’ Bachelor season premiere to air LIVE on Jan 5th!

We are 2 LONG months away from the premiere of Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. But good news Bachelor Nation, the season will air LIVE on Jan. 5. and the air time will be 3 HOURS! Sounds like from some leaks that the filming this season took place primarily in the US. We don’t … Read more

Bachelor 2015 Chris Soules filming locations

So filming for Bachelor 2015 Chris Soules season is well under way and we are getting a better idea of his itinerary. Interestingly they have yet to leave the U.S.! The first four episodes were filmed in California, the 5th episode just finished filming in New Mexico and episode 6 in South Dakota. Episode 7 … Read more

Bachelor 2015 Contestants for ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules

The Bachelor 2015 starring Bachelor Chris Soules has already started filming and Reality Steve is busy doing what he does best….spoiling the show. We won’t spoil the winner, but we do love a heads up on the cast. So thus far we have a handful of names for the new season. Name: Tandra Steiner Age: … Read more

Bachelor 2015 Chris Soules season begins filming!

It is official! The 2015 season (19) of The Bachelor aka Bachelor: Amber Waves of Grain has begun! Limo entries were filmed on September 25 and producers were all over Twitter. “I can honestly say we’ve got a fantastic crop of girls for our #PrinceFarming Chris Soules. #TheBachelor — Robert Mills (@Millsy11374) September 29, 2014” Mike … Read more