VIDEO: A very ‘Bachelor’ New Year’s Eve

Ok! Here is the Situation rang in the new year by sending a Chinese wish lantern up into the night sky a la Ashley Hebert’s date with Constantine on the last season of The Bachelorette. I’m not even quite sure how we managed to manifest this Bachelor life parallel into our lives, but it was … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Justin Bieber? Hello, 2012!

As Bachelor Pad 2 winner Michael Stagliano would say, “WHAOW!” According to USA Today, Bachelor Ben has been invited to join the likes of Fergie and Justin Bieber on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in Times Square, co-hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Ryan Seacrest. He will likely be publicizing the start of his romantic, … Read more

‘The Bachelor’ Season 16: Filming deets and tweets

We here at OK! Here is the Situation take care not to reveal spoilers as not to ruin the magic as it unfolds, but there are some tidbits of information about the filming that are rather titillating. We have all heard that The Bachelor, after 15 seasons, has finally decided to “change their pad.” In fact, … Read more

The Premiere: Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his swarm of amazing ladies

Are you ready for next Monday’s premiere of The Bachelor???? We are counting down the minutes. Although Chicky Nickel Blue and C Lo, co-founders of Ok! Here is the Situation, will be spending New Year’s Eve together frolicking around San Diego with a framed photo of Ben Flajnik, plans for that Big Night pale in … Read more

The real Ben Flajnik rebrands his winery to Envolve

Just a week before the limos chock full of amazing ladies start pulling up to the Bachelor Mansion to meet ABC’s season 16 bachelor Ben Flajnik, the real Ben Flajnik is back in the Sonoma and San Francisco area preparing his winery for the onslaught of attention it’s sure to get once The Bachelor premieres … Read more

‘The Bachelor’ gets snubbed in Golden Globe nominee announcement

The 2012 Golden Globe nominees were announced this morning. And, sorry to say, in the TV categories there were two glaring omissions. For Best TV Series (drama), the nominees are: American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, Boss, Game of Thrones, and Homeland. WHERE, for the love of God, IS THE BACHELOR ON THIS LIST?!?!? And, for … Read more

Sweet ‘Cream Dreams,’ Ben Flajnik

Nothing is sexier than a dude with a rockin’ sense of humor. But Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s Lonely Island-esque video/song ‘Cream Dreams’ is a bit of a situation. Honestly, I’m down with the fact that Ben is the type of guy that would make this video, because it makes him seem more real and down-to-earth and … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s 25 amazing ladies revealed

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s 25 amazing ladies revealed ABC just announced who season 16 bachelor Ben Flajnik will meet on Night One of The Bachelor, which premieres Monday, January 2nd, 2012. Below you will find pics of all 25 of Ben’s amazing ladies, who will be wearing amazing lady dresses and dropping their out-of-limo landing gear … Read more