Chris Soules and his final 3 ladies head to Bali for Fantasy Suites!

We are already to the final 3 and overnight dates on this season of The Bachelor and we still have not even left the country! But Monday February 23rd Chris Soules and his final 3 ladies will take their passports and head to Bali for the coveted Fantasy Suites as well as the final proposal. Whitney … Read more

Chris Soules 3 finalists very pleased by Fantasy Suite Dates

Now this is the kinda scoop we LOVE! I always want insider details on the Fantasy Suite Dates. Like were the women ‘pleased’—a-hem— or were they disappointed?—if you know what I mean. Plus we have the added situation of 26-year-old Becca Tilley being a virgin. So how does that work? Especially after her sister made it … Read more

Whitney Bischoff’s Hometown Date takes Chris to ‘the Specimen Room’


Whitney Bischoff is one of the four remaining Bachelor contestants who got lucky enough to see Chris Soules tiny Hometown of Arlington, Iowa. She also seemed the least horrified about the prospect of living there. The 29-year-old is a Fertility Nurse at the Fertility Centers of Illinois where she literally injects sperm into eggs and … Read more

Will Bachelor Chris Soules pull a Mesnick on The Bachelor Finale?

Whoa! My jaw dropped when I saw this update. So SPOILER ALERT…sort-of! We will not reveal who the winner is BUT…stop now if you don’t want any details at all about the engagement… So we know Chris proposes to one of his remaining ladies–between Kaitlyn Bristowe, 30 Whitney Bischoff, 29 and Becca Tilley, 26. So … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel crashes The Bachelor–plans Chris Soules date with Kaitlyn & Whitney


Next week host Jimmy Kimmel crashes The Bachelor and takes over the show as guest host. Jimmy takes the remaining amazing ladies and shows them his “Amazing Jar,” which everyone has to contribute a dollar to if they say the word ‘amazing’—amazing! Kimmel also plans Chris Soules dates which all coincidentally wind up in a … Read more

Chris Soules Bachelor premiere: So many ladies, so many situations

Tonight the long awaited Bachelor Season 19 premiered with small town farm boy and 33-year-old Bachelor Chris Soules and his GIANT crop of ladies. In fact I had to wait until he culled the herd tonight to finish my bios because 30 ladies was just too much for me. SITUATION 1: The red carpet event with … Read more

Bachelor 2015 Contestants names, ages and Hometowns officially revealed!

We have been waiting on pins and needles for an official list of the ladies who will be vying for the heart of Bachelor Chris Soules on The Bachelor 2015 which airs Monday Jan. 5. This time the Bachelor will be given 30 amazing ladies to choose from! ABC says that eight women will be … Read more

Who is Whitney Bischoff from The Bachelor?

Whitney Bischoff is a 29-year-old contestant competing for the heart of Iowa Farmer Chris Soules on The Bachelor Season 19. She live in Chicago, Illinois but is originally from Kentucky and works as a registered nurse at the Fertility Centers of Illinois. And most importantly she is BFF’s with one of our all time favorite contestants … Read more

Whitney Bischoff Bachelor Season 19: Bio, Photos, Twitter, Hometown, Age

Whitney Bischoff 2015: Bio, Photos, Twitter Name: Whitney Bischoff Full name: Whitney Michelle Bischoff Age: 29 Birthday: June 24th, 1985 Zodiac sign: Cancer Show: Bachelor Season 19 Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Originally from Kentucky Occupation: registered nurse working as Third Party IVF Nurse Coordinator at the Fertility Centers of Illinois. Education: graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2007 with a BS … Read more

Bachelor 2015 Contestants for ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules

The Bachelor 2015 starring Bachelor Chris Soules has already started filming and Reality Steve is busy doing what he does best….spoiling the show. We won’t spoil the winner, but we do love a heads up on the cast. So thus far we have a handful of names for the new season. Name: Tandra Steiner Age: … Read more