Colleen Reed & Matt Bolton — Love is Blind S3 — bio, family, age

Age: 26
Hometown: Dallas, Texas. Originally from Easton Pennsylvania
Show: Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3

Love is Blind season 3 Cast bios

After two very successful seasons of Love Is Blind, the show has returned for the much anticipated Season 3 set in Dallas, Texas

Sal Perez introduces new girlfriend Jessi Palkovic to anxious ex Mallory Zapata on awkward After the Altar series


Mallory seems incredibly nervous to see Sal again. It’s clear that she is still hoping that they could rekindle their romance. But then something happens at Natalie Lee’s ’80s-themed 30th birthday party

Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams breakup after LiB After the Altar

One couple that I was surprised to see giving it a go was Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams, not because they don’t seem well suited but because at the beginning of the show and all the way up to the end Kyle seemed unwilling to get out of the friend zone

Love is Blind Shake Chatterjee announces he has new girlfriend Emily Wilson


Love is Blind Abhishek Chatterjee a.k.a. ‘Shake‘ says he has found a new girlfriend Emily Wilson One of the most hated men in reality television 33-year-old Vet Shake Chatterjee has found love 2 weeks after he made a fool of himself on the Love is Blind season 2 reunion. Not even an ounce of contrition … Read more

Love is Blind season 2 — After the Altar –Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams still together?

Love is Blind season 2 After the Altar aired this past week on Sept. 16th and it did not disappoint.

Subodh Garg — Love on the Spectrum — bio, ethnicity, family

Subodh Garg — Love on the Spectrum — bio Name: Subodh Garg Age: 33 Hometown: Long Beach, California  Show: Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum U.S. Job: Math prodigy, Data Entry Assistant at Insight Examination Services as well as does a part-time job as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk at UPS. Birthday: born June 2nd, 1989 Zodiac: … Read more

Dani Bowman — Love on the Spectrum — bio, job, ethnicity, family, age, wiki, etc

Initially Dani dated Solomon but eventually decided that he was not ambitious enough for her. She then began dating Adan. She briefly got back together with Solomon but eventually parted ways with both young men.

Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft biography, religion, ethnicity, family, age, wiki, etc

Education: She attended Agoura High School and graduated class of 2009. She was appointed “Commissioner of Entertainment” in her sophomore year and “Commissioner of Pep Rallies” in her junior year.