Ben Higgins on Jojo’s brother’s comment about ‘brainwashing’ her

Bachelor Ben Higgins Hometowns turn into epic Bro-down Monday night we saw the infamous and much anticipated Hometowns of Bachelor Ben Higgins and his 4 remaining potential life-partners: Amanda Stanton, Laura Bushnell, Caila Quinn and Jojo Fletcher. Let me sum up the episode for you. Ben went to Orange county and some things happened. Ben went to … Read more

Jojo Fletcher’s Hometown was such an uncomfortable situation

Jojo Fletcher’s Hometown was so epic last night on The Bachelor. It started off bad and it just kept getting worse. In fact we have not seen a Hometown train wreck of this magnitude since Desiree Hartsock’s brother Nate nearly came to blows with Bachelor Sean Lowe. So here is the situation breakdown from last … Read more

Does Jojo Fletcher’s ex boyfriend Chad Rookstool want her back?

I had a sneaking suspicion that an ex boyfriend or husband was going to become a situation this season because we had too many recent break ups for some of Bachelor Ben Higgins front runners. It was between Caila Quinn, Olivia Caridi, Joelle Fletcher and Amanda Stanton who all broke up with someone fairly recently. And … Read more

Who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers?

Monday night Bachelor Ben Higgins takes his amazing ladies on Hometowns to meet their families and presumably ask for their hand in marriage….from all 4 sets of parents! And one Hometown appears to go horribly wrong when Ben meets the brothers of 24-year-old Dallas real estate developer Joelle Fletcher. So who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers? They are … Read more

Lauren Bushnell joins Bachelor Ben in his Hometown

Last night Bachelor Ben Higgins took his 6 remaining ladies to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana which was only slightly larger than Chris Soules hometown of Arlington, Iowa BTW. And he took one special lady, Lauren Bushnell to the Baker Youth Club where he had spent a lot of time working with kids before moving to Denver. … Read more

Mike Fleiss claims Bachelor Ben Higgins finale will be ‘brutal’


Season 20 Bachelor finale will be epic! Previews for 26-year-old Bachelor Ben Higgins finale look seriously intense. Of course producers are often guilty of tricking us with their ninja editing skills and making finales look far more ‘dramatic’ than they actually are, but this time they may be telling the truth. In the preview Ben lets … Read more

Nick Viall dating Ben Higgins runner-up


Nick Viall dating Ben Higgins runner-up!?! Wow! This is a situation for sure….for many reasons. Spoiler Alert… We just learned that Bachelor Ben Higgins was seriously torn in the end between his final two women when he had to hand out his final rose — “still uncertain” even while choosing the Neil Lane engagement ring. Producers … Read more

Is Caila Quinn angling for The Bachelorette and not Ben?

Caila Quinn aka “sex panda” landed a coveted second 1 on 1 in the Bahamas indicating she was a clear frontrunner, but I’m not totally sure Caila wanted to be the frontrunner. Actually, let me clarify. I think Caila is like Kaitlyn Bristowe on Soules season….she doesn’t want to be number 1 girl she is angling … Read more

Olivia Caridi’s elimination was a seriously uncomfortable situation


Virginia News Reporter Olivia Caridi was finally eliminated in one of the most uncomfortable and dramatic eliminations in Bachelor history tonight. For some bizarre reason (ratings) Ben takes Olivia from Mexico all the way to the Bahamas so he can take her on a 2 on 1 date with Emily Ferguson and talks to her … Read more

Amanda Stanton’s ex husband Nick Buonfiglio speaks out on his divorce

You knew this was going to get ugly after Amanda Stanton told Bachelor Ben Higgins about her failed marriage to ex husband 28-year-old Orange County Register salesman Nick Buonfiglio on Monday night. The details were painful since Nick had been constantly cheating on her during their short two year marriage. So I am guessing Nick has seen what … Read more