Situation: The tainted American food supply

Robyn O’Brien speaks at TEDxAustin about the underbelly of the genetically and chemically modified American food supply and how she became a “real food” evangelist. This is a situation that is always on the minds of us here at Ok! Here is the Situation and Robyn’s story is a powerful reminder of why we need … Read more

Amazing eliminated lady Dianna Martinez already engaged??

I really wish Reality Steve would stick to weighing in on the episodes and dishing some good behind-the-scenes nuggets on The Bachelor — like the one he dished today about one of last night’s eliminated contestants  —  instead of spoiling the show’s outcome week’s in advance of the premiere. I know, I know. I don’t … Read more

‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 1 recap: Your faves weigh in

We here at Ok! Here is the Situation do a lot of Bachelor-related web surfing, trying to find as many great nuggets of content out there as possible. And what we hope to do is provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of that great content. I mean, since we are going to put in … Read more

Situation: ‘The Bachelor’s’ Jenna Burke (aka The Over-Analyst)

The biggest situation of all on last night’s premiere of The Bachelor was definitely the 27-year-old blogger from NYC, Jenna Burke (known in some parts as simply the girl that said, “Maybe we can share a tampon sometime” to her Night One nemesis Monica Spannbauer). That’s going to be a tough quote to live down. … Read more

Model Courtney Robertson dumps long-time boyfriend to meet Ben Flajnik

Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t the only celeb-amazing lady willing to drop everything to meet Ben Flajnik. Courtney Robertson is a bit of a celebrity in and of herself. She dated Desperate Housewives hottie Jesse Metcalfe, Eva Longoria’s boy toy gardener on the show. She even joined him on the red carpet for the EMMY Awards … Read more

The ‘Bachelor’ Premiere: The amazing lady gallery

In typical Bachelor style night one is all about TCB! Taking care of business! It takes a long time to unload 25 amazing ladies from a limo and a long time to negotiate a rose ceremony with 25 amazing ladies. So there is not a lot of time in between for the situations to go … Read more

National Defense Authorization Act kills the Bill of Rights

The National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law December 31st of 2011 by President Obama. It has created a slew of controversy for the way it enables the federal government to detain American citizens indefinitely without a trial. Its troubling to say the least that such a monumental Bill was slid into law while people … Read more

VIDEO: A very ‘Bachelor’ New Year’s Eve

Ok! Here is the Situation rang in the new year by sending a Chinese wish lantern up into the night sky a la Ashley Hebert’s date with Constantine on the last season of The Bachelorette. I’m not even quite sure how we managed to manifest this Bachelor life parallel into our lives, but it was … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Justin Bieber? Hello, 2012!

As Bachelor Pad 2 winner Michael Stagliano would say, “WHAOW!” According to USA Today, Bachelor Ben has been invited to join the likes of Fergie and Justin Bieber on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in Times Square, co-hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Ryan Seacrest. He will likely be publicizing the start of his romantic, … Read more

‘The Bachelor’ Season 16: Filming deets and tweets

We here at OK! Here is the Situation take care not to reveal spoilers as not to ruin the magic as it unfolds, but there are some tidbits of information about the filming that are rather titillating. We have all heard that The Bachelor, after 15 seasons, has finally decided to “change their pad.” In fact, … Read more