Situation: Floral-scented conditioner

I have a condituation (aka a conditioner situation). My latest conditioner purchase came with a super safety seal underneath the cap, so I wasn’t able to conduct my full, typical 8-point, pre-purchase inspection, which involves quite a bit of sniff testing. But it came from a reputable health food store and looked like a decent … Read more

Vote now! Our amazing ‘Bachelor’ polls

Please use your right as a free, American citizen to VOTE NOW in our ongoing Bachelor/ette polls. We love to WEIGH IN, so we’re assuming all of you do too! If you have any suggestions for polls/questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll add it! We need you to weigh in on these important … Read more

Situation: Chemtrails

There is a major situation happening all over our skies that no one can seem to explain: white trails that spread and transform a perfectly clear blue sky into an opaque white haze. Like most people I had never really paid much attention to the phenomenon of a contrail much less the phenomenon of a contrail versus a chemtrail. … Read more

‘The Bachelor’ gets snubbed in Golden Globe nominee announcement

The 2012 Golden Globe nominees were announced this morning. And, sorry to say, in the TV categories there were two glaring omissions. For Best TV Series (drama), the nominees are: American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, Boss, Game of Thrones, and Homeland. WHERE, for the love of God, IS THE BACHELOR ON THIS LIST?!?!? And, for … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Monica Spannbauer [Bio, Photos, Videos, Twitter]

The Basics: Name: Monica Spannbauer Age: 33 Occupation: Dental Consultant Hometown: Yuba City, CA Monica Spannbauer on Twitter: @mocali22 Monica Spannbauer is the amazing lady on Ben Flajnik’s season 16 of The Bachelor that is behind the GAY SCANDAL reports. We here at Ok! Here is the Situation love a scandal. And we especially love … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Shira [Bio, Photos, Video]

The Basics: Name: Shira Age: 25 Occupation: Actress Hometown: Massapequa Park, NY   ABC’s Official Amazing Lady Questions: Do you have any pets and if so, what kind? I have a Siamese cat named Baby Sebastian Ted Striker. I saved him from the shelter (he was about to be euthanized because he had no mother … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Emily O’Brien [Bio, Photos, Twitter]

The Basics: Name: Emily O’Brien Age: 27 Occupation: PhD Student Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC Emily O’Brien on Twitter: @EmilyCOBrien (although her page seems to be inactive currently) ABC’s Official Amazing Lady Questions: What is your most embarrassing moment? I was matched to my brother on an online dating website. Mortifying. What is your favorite all-time … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Erika Uhlig [Bio, Photos, Video, Twitter]

The Basics:Name: Erika Uhlig Age: 23 Occupation: Law Student Hometown: Charlottesville, VA Erika Uhlig on Twitter: @CoolUle ABC recently released a “Meet the Girls” mini video bio for Erika Uhlig and our biggest takeaway here at Ok! Here is the Situation is that WE LOVE HER for her work with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is one … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Casey Shteamer [Bio, Photos, Twitter]

The Basics: Name: Casey Shteamer Age: 26 Occupation: Trading Clerk Hometown: Leawood, KS Casey Shteamer on Twitter: @caseyshteams First of all, Casey Shteamer looks an awful lot like Britt Billmaier from season 15 of The Bachelor with Brad Womack. And, it was rumored that Britt and Ben “hung out” a bit after Ashley Hebert’s season … Read more